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lunedì 24 settembre 2012

Welcome to my blog !

This is my first post so first of all ... HELLO TO EVERYBODY ! This is also my first blog so I'm very doubtful of what and how can I write to break the ice with this first I try to explain briefly how this idea born: when I was a little girl I've visited a lot of museums with my family and especially on school trips and I've always  thought that all museums are similar and boring..didn't you think so?When I grew up I've learned to appreciate them and to visit them with a lot of interest , because art is one of my passions and probably that's the same for you , right ? But  there are also a lot of strange and unconventional museums ( if you imagine a museum just  as a collection of old furnishings and fittings , statues and paintings ... )  upon which I want to focalize with you... This blog may guide us to explore this ones all together so have a nice trip !

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