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domenica 30 settembre 2012

Pinball's Italian Museum in Bologna

On the same line of interactive museums I want to talk about the Italian “Pinball's Museum” in the city of Bologna.
A magical place that preserves a museum's feature but at the same time is very interactive . Here you can hear the indistinguishable flipper's sound that has been the main protagonist of all penny arcades and of a lot of public places and has been a good entertainment of a lot of generations .

Born from the wish of an Italian profitless TILT ASSOCIATION , founded by Federico Croci in 1994 and recognized by UNESCO in 2008 , this museum boasts a collection of play games collected in two decades of activity .

You should find 400 mechanical and electronical pinballs , 55 game cabs among which “ Computer Space ” the first coin videogame of history , 24 juke-boxes and a library with technical manuals , books , pubblications and correlated magazines . That's the result of Federico Corci's personal collection and people's borrowings and donations .

Almost nobody knows that Bologna has been , with Chicago , the worldwide pinball's capital .

So you can find there all games that has delighted dozens of generations , appearing in movies , stories , songs and theatrical comedies .
Tilt Association is constantly searching for new items so you can also consult the wanted section of its official website .

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  1. I cannot find any other information about this museum and I want to put it on my list of places to visit while in Bologna. Can you provide me with a website or address or telephone number for the musem? THANKS!!!!