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domenica 30 settembre 2012

Pinball's Italian Museum in Bologna

On the same line of interactive museums I want to talk about the Italian “Pinball's Museum” in the city of Bologna.
A magical place that preserves a museum's feature but at the same time is very interactive . Here you can hear the indistinguishable flipper's sound that has been the main protagonist of all penny arcades and of a lot of public places and has been a good entertainment of a lot of generations .

Born from the wish of an Italian profitless TILT ASSOCIATION , founded by Federico Croci in 1994 and recognized by UNESCO in 2008 , this museum boasts a collection of play games collected in two decades of activity .

You should find 400 mechanical and electronical pinballs , 55 game cabs among which “ Computer Space ” the first coin videogame of history , 24 juke-boxes and a library with technical manuals , books , pubblications and correlated magazines . That's the result of Federico Corci's personal collection and people's borrowings and donations .

Almost nobody knows that Bologna has been , with Chicago , the worldwide pinball's capital .

So you can find there all games that has delighted dozens of generations , appearing in movies , stories , songs and theatrical comedies .
Tilt Association is constantly searching for new items so you can also consult the wanted section of its official website .

lunedì 24 settembre 2012

3D Magic Art Exhibition in Hangzhou

I want to dedicate my first post on a very particular Art Exhibition that took place in China last summer .

Fifteen South Korean artists gave their contribution to the Magic Art Exhibition at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Centre in the Eastern Chinese province of Zhejiang from the 1st July to the 6th August 2012.

Have you ever imagined a museum in which you are encouraged to touch every single painting ?
No? So that was the right art exhibition for you !

Wearing an angel's wings , riding an unicorn , burning out a dragon's flames … everything you never imagined in a museum !

Probably you have never been a painting's main character but now it's possible thanks to a special tecnique called “ Anamorphosis ”. This tecnique consists in a deformation which allows the painting to acquire the 3rd dimension if it's seen from a specific position as you can see in the next pictures

Welcome to my blog !

This is my first post so first of all ... HELLO TO EVERYBODY ! This is also my first blog so I'm very doubtful of what and how can I write to break the ice with this first I try to explain briefly how this idea born: when I was a little girl I've visited a lot of museums with my family and especially on school trips and I've always  thought that all museums are similar and boring..didn't you think so?When I grew up I've learned to appreciate them and to visit them with a lot of interest , because art is one of my passions and probably that's the same for you , right ? But  there are also a lot of strange and unconventional museums ( if you imagine a museum just  as a collection of old furnishings and fittings , statues and paintings ... )  upon which I want to focalize with you... This blog may guide us to explore this ones all together so have a nice trip !